We’re one big family.

Get to know the team that has dedicated their lives to taking the absolute best care of your pet.

Sherry Hill, DVM

Medical Director

Dr Sherry Hill prides herself on developing strong relationships with her clients. She loves getting to know people and their pets! She is passionate about helping senior pets lead a pain-free life. Plus, she has a soft spot for cats.

Clients compliment her friendly, straightforward demeanor. Dr Hill’s goal is to remove the confusion in veterinary medicine while offering quality medical care.

Pets love her calm demeanor. Dr Hill knows animals can feel uncertain about check-ups. So she uses Fear Free tactics like a gentle touch, a calm voice, and lots of treats to help pets feel their best. And she loves a good snuggle when a dog or cat is ready.

Dr Hill has additional training in dentistry. She stays up to date with evolving animal medicine through local and national conferences. Her favorite is the AVMA national veterinary conference.

Dr Hill completed her DVM at Colorado State University. In her free time, she cycles for fun and to raise money for the Livestrong Foundation. She also loves scuba diving and gardening. She has 2 dogs, Letty and Calvin, and 2 cats named Venus and Bruno Mars.

Sherry Hill
Mary Thai Sanchez

Hospital Manager

Mary’s collaborative leadership skills encourage teamwork, transparency, and personal growth. Clients appreciate that she sets high expectations for their pets’ care and that her team helps achieve these standards. Mary wants clients to know they are an integral part of the Firehouse family.

An advocate of pet comfort, Mary is Fear Free certified. She knows that vet visits can be stressful for the entire family, so she encourages her team to continue to provide the best, individualized care.

Mary is passionate about teamwork and collaboration. She leads by example and encourages her team to grow and find their strengths and passions. She knows that each team member brings their own wealth of knowledge, resources, and ideas to the Firehouse family.

After receiving a degree in Criminal Justice, Mary decided to use her passion for leadership to help improve animals’ lives. She began her veterinary career as a kennel assistant before working her way up. Mary is so excited to lead her team, meet the clients, and help grow the Firehouse family.

When not working, Mary enjoys eating all sorts of delicious food and working out to help cancel out the calories. She has a soft spot for senior pets and knows how special they are to their families as they grow older. Her family includes her husband, three dogs, and a cat. She has two Siberian Huskies: Gambit, a senior, and Ronin, a troublemaker puppy; and a senior, three-legged Miniature Poodle named Meka. Meka is Mary’s heart dog. Her rescue cat, Fufu, is an orange tabby foster fail.

Kristen Ussery, DVM


Dr Kristen Ussery believes that pets can make even the hardest day better. She truly loves building lasting relationships with pet parents through communication and collaboration. She wants clients to feel heard, understood, and comfortable.

Clients appreciate how she explains diagnoses, lab work, and treatment plans in easy-to-understand language. They love that she focuses on their pets’ unique needs. A natural problem-solver, Dr Ussery believes there is no problem too complex for her to solve.

To help pets feel secure, she gives them lots of treats and time to adjust to the check-up. She also gets down on the floor to be at the pet’s level. Dr Ussery is Fear Free certified.

She has a passion for genetic-based medicine and enjoys learning about breed-based conditions. She also has a lot of experience with anal-related issues. She isn’t one to shy away from strange or messy issues!

Dr Ussery received a Biology Degree from the University of Central Arkansas. She then went to Louisiana State University for veterinary school. She moved to Austin as quickly as she could, and loves it here. Depending on the temperature, she is either outside riding horses, training her dog in agility courses, or playing video games with her husband in the air conditioning. She rescued her Australian Cattle Dog, Belle, from the Texas Cattle Dog Rescue during COVID, and calls her a “COVID pup.”

Charlotte Satterfield

Veterinary Technician

Charlotte’s passion for animal care allows her to form strong bonds with pets and clients. As a pet owner, she can relate to clients’ questions and concerns. Clients appreciate that she treats each pet as her own. She practices transparency and enjoys teaching clients about Firehouse’s healthcare approach.

Because Charlotte knows that vet visits can be stressful for pets, she strives to make each patient as comfortable as possible. She creates safe places for pets, gives the pet time to acclimate, and adjusts her care as needed. She is also talented at restraining scared or anxious pets in a safe way that helps keep them calm.

Charlotte Satterfield

Veterinary Technician

Rebecca makes veterinary visits easy and comfortable for clients and patients. Clients appreciate her knowledgeable approach and gentle demeanor. She believes in transparent communication and having clients be involved in their pets’ visit from start to finish. She uses Fear Free techniques to help nervous pets.

Rebecca attended Texas A&M University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. She loves dogs, cats, and goats. Her pets are Abby, a senior chihuahua, and Sampson, a senior flame-point Siamese cat. When not working, Rebecca enjoys crocheting, reading, and visiting local markets.

Sherry Hill

Client Service Coordinator

Jen remembers the clients and patients who come into Firehouse, making them feel welcome each time they visit. Clients appreciate that she is efficient and transparent. She also collaborates with clients so they can be involved in their pet’s visit.

Jen is Fear Free certified and reads pets’ body language to find out how they are feeling. She adjusts her care to keep pets as comfortable as possible. Jen has over fifteen years of experience as a technician, but still loves learning new skills to improve her care. A lifelong animal lover, Jen decided to pursue a career in the veterinary field after college.

When not working, she loves spending time outdoors, hiking, paddle boarding, and kayaking. She also spends time in her garden. She and her husband love traveling, especially to Hawaii, Colorado, and Disneyland, but are always excited to see new places. She shares her home with her dog, Una, and five cats: Ash, Buffy, Mal, Rex, and Thor.

Charlotte Satterfield

Client Service Coordinator

Victoria collaborates with clients to make their lives easier. She always looks for ways to improve visits for them and their pets. She helps clients in and out of the hospital and with their pets, answers questions, and listens to concerns. Victoria wants clients to know that their pets will receive the best care by all team members at Firehouse.

Victoria helps pets feel safe and secure by using Fear Free techniques, allowing patients time to acclimate to the hospital, and offering positive reinforcement like treats and love. She treats everyone like family, including clients, pets, and even children. In this way, she is able to create lasting bonds with everyone who visits. 

In her free time, she enjoys painting, dancing, and spending time with her children and dogs. She is a Maltese/poodle mi named Sandy Cheeks, an American pit bull named Skyla, and a rescue Siamese mix cat named Marshmallow.

Charlotte Satterfield

Client Service Coordinator
Angel strives to ensure every client and patient feels welcome and comfortable. Because veterinary visits can be stressful, she offers support, listening to clients’ concerns and using Fear Free techniques for pets. Angel’s passion is for helping pets live happy, healthy lives. She is currently studying to become a licensed vet tech so she can continue to provide the best care for patients.

Angel has a soft spot for feline patients. In her free time, she enjoys running, drawing, going on hikes, and spending time with her three pets.

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