Dogs and car seats

Firehouse & Firehouse Pet Resort client, Remus, was safe in a recent car accident thanks to his car carrier. He wears his harness to and from all classes and playdates.

We’ve all smiled upon seeing a dog’s happy face leaning out the car window and enjoying the breeze. But this is actually a dangerous move. You wouldn’t want your beloved companion to become a projectile in a car accident.

Yet, 70% of us drive pets around town without safely securing our pets into the vehicle. 

Here’s how to keep Fluffy – and you – safe on the road this summer.

Why use a car restraint or dog harness in the car?
Sure, it’s fun to let your dog cuddle on your lap or smell the breeze. But pets are unpredictable. Use a car restraint or harness to:

  1. Avoid an accident. Small pets can crawl under the brake pedal. Large dogs can obscure your view of the road. Pets regularly cause distracted driving incidents.
  2. Keep your dog physically safe. Airbags can crush pets. And unrestrained pets can get thrown from your car.
  3. Keep your dog feeling safe. Restraints are like a secure hug. They help nervous pets feel calmer during car rides.

Give your dog time to adjust
Train puppies for car rides with mealtime in the back seat while the car stands still in the driveway. And then take them for short rides around the block.

It’s the same with the harness: let your dog sit in the restraint while the car is stationary. Then take a few quick spins around the neighborhood.

Do this before you hit the road for vacation or run an errand with a deadline. If you adopted your dog later in life, it might take longer to car train him. Call us if you need a few extra tips. It’s worth the time and effort to save your pet’s life.

Choose a tested car restraint with these features:
-Lets dogs sit, stand, and turn around
-Latches into the seatbelt
-Fits into the backseat (the best spot for a pet versus the front seat/SUV trunk)

We recommend these three models. They were independently verified as safe for drivers and pets by the Center for Pet Safety.

The Firehouse team is here to answer all your dog harness questions, whatever they may be. Call us 24/7.

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